Uncovering neurodegenerative insights through ethnic diversity

AAIC day 1

We are excited to see widespread interest for the UNITED consortium in the exhibition hall of the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference this year. Today we engaged with a variety of new  partners and potential collaborators from different parts of the...

Infrastructure support from SURFSara and the NWO

We are delighted to begin working with SURFSara through the approval of our NWO grant. Through this project we have been granted a dedicated UNITED project space to the Dutch national computer, Cartesius. This is a general purpose capability system which includes many...

We are proud to announce the UNITED consortium scientific advisory board

Our board members have graciously agreed to advise the UNITED consortium through their complimentary experience and expertise within neurodegenerative diseases, neuroimaging, genetics, epidemiology and consortium initiatives. The chair of the UNITED consortium...

Polish partner: Mikolaj Pawlak

We are happy to announce a new partner: Mikolaj Pawlak. Dr. Pawlak is a neurologist from Poznan University, and joins the UNITED consortium with much needed clinical data from underrepresented Eastern European populations. Welcome!

Publication in Alzheimer’s & Dementia: DADM

Publication of findings from the EU-funded Full-HD Working Group! Issues remain to fully leverage high-dimensional data, such as that these data are
difficult to harmonize. In this working group we focused on the harmonization of high-dimensional neuroimaging phenotypes in combination with other
high-dimensional omics data.
accessible in neurodegeneration research





The aim of the UNITED consortium is to be global platform for research on neurodegeneration that is inclusive of populations from currently underrepresented countries, including South America, Africa and Asia. It’s abbreviation – UNITED – underlines our position in bridging a divided world.


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