50th study joins the consortium!

We are immensely proud and grateful at reaching this milestone. All these studies will help us to reach our aim to understand neurodegenerative diseases.

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New collaboration: UC Davis Alzheimer’s Diversity Study

We are excited to announce that the UC Davis Alzheimer's Diversity Study has joined the UNITED consortium. The UC Davis Alzheimer's Diversity Study, based in Davis, USA, focuses on looking into diverse populations and investigating if a mixture of influences for...

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New collaboration: PRODEM-Austria

We are excited to announce that the Prospective Dementia Registry-Austria (PRODEM-Austria) has joined the UNITED consortium. PRODEM-Austria, financed by The Austrian Alzheimer Society, is an ongoing national prospective dementia registry including...

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New collaboration: GeneSTAR

The GeneSTAR Study has joined the UNITED consortium. GeneStar is a family-based study in initially healthy brothers and sisters, and offspring of people with early-onset coronary disease (CHD). Based in  in Baltimore, USA, the study investigates mechanisms of CHD and...

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New collaboration: Czech Brain Aging Study

We are excited to announce that the Czech Brain Aging Study (CBAS) has joined the UNITED consortium. CBAS was established in 2005 and is a longitudinal, observational study on aging and dementia from two large centers in the Czech Republic combining clinical care and...

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The aim of the UNITED consortium is to be global platform for research on neurodegeneration that is inclusive of populations from currently underrepresented countries, including South America, Africa and Asia. It’s abbreviation – UNITED – underlines our position in bridging a divided world.


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